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Crab Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers

  • Serves 2 - 4
  • Prep 5 mins
  • Ready-In 40 mins
  • Product Variation
  • Menu Placement

Product versatility is key in the foodservice industry. Litehouse's commitment to high quality products allows each one of its products to be utilized across various recipes.

Crab Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers

A delightful snack or appetizer! This treat is delicious and not too spicy!


1 cup Crab
6 oz. Green chilies, diced
2 Tbsp. Cilantro leaves, chopped
1/2 cup Monterey jack cheese, shredded
2 large red peppers, seeded and halved
1/4 cup Litehouse® Jalapeno Ranch


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F . In a medium bowl, add crab and Litehouse Jalapeno Ranch dressing, green chilies, and cilantro. Stuff this mixture into the halved red peppers. Place peppers on greased cooking sheet and cover. Bake for 30 minutes. Uncover and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake an additional few minutes for cheese to melt.