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Braised Pork Belly Blue Cheese Crostini with Lime and Mustard

  • Serves 12
  • Prep 15 mins
  • Ready-In 2.5 hours
  • Product Variation
  • Menu Placement

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Braised Pork Belly Blue Cheese Crostini with Lime and Mustard

The time it takes to make this awesome appetizer is well worth the wait and effort. Beer braised pork belly, settled into a cuddling spoon of Litehouse® Gourmet Blue Cheese Dressing sitting on a crisp crostini – accented with lime zest and fresh country mustard….Oh my!


12oz Fresh Pork Belly – cut into 24 individual cubes
12oz fresh bottled lager – or choice of brew
1/2 of a 12oz French Baguette
1/4oz of Olive Oil
1/4 tbsp. Kosher Salt
1 1/2 cups of LH Gourmet Blue Cheese Dressing
1 Lime
1 cup of Fresh Country Style Whole Grain Mustard


1. Wash Hands
2. Turn on oven to 275 F
3. In a heavy gauge braising pan sear the pork cubes in a bit of olive oil on the stove 4. Once nicely seared – pour in the beer; place a lid on it and into the oven for approx. 2 hours, checking frequently to assure that the liquid level is sufficient
5. In the meantime, slice the baguette into crostini’s – olive oil and salt and toast
6. Top the toasted crostini with a Tablespoon of Blue Cheese Dressing
7. Once the pork as softened, take them and put them on the Crostini topped already with the Blue Cheese Dressing
8. Arrange on a serving platter and zest a lime over the top and garnish with the mustard